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Women's Wellness Certifications

Women of color are increasingly turning to natural health remedies due to a variety of factors that intersect race, culture, and personal experiences. Historically, women of color have faced disparities in healthcare access and quality, leading to a lack of trust in conventional medical systems. This, combined with the rising cost of healthcare and the desire for holistic approaches, has contributed to the growing interest in natural health remedies.

One key reason for this shift is the recognition of the diverse healing traditions and practices within different cultures. Women of color come from rich ancestral backgrounds with their own traditional remedies and herbal medicine systems. These remedies, often passed down through generations, have been used to address various health issues and maintain well-being. By embracing natural health remedies, women of color are reclaiming their cultural heritage and finding empowerment in their ancestral knowledge.

Women of color are turning to natural health remedies as a way to reclaim their cultural heritage, seek holistic approaches to wellness, find non-toxic alternatives, and overcome the disparities and biases they have encountered within the healthcare system. This shift reflects a desire for self-determination, community support, and a more comprehensive understanding of health and healing.

Women's Wellness Practitioner
Classes are online, self-paced with a professor

Enrollment is ongoing. Start within 24 hours or submitting payment.

Would you like to help women achieve optimal health, naturally?

Too many women are dealing with hormonal imbalance issues. Diminished sex drive, hot flashes, PMS, Peri-menopause symptoms, fibroids, fertility difficulty, chronic yeast infections, endometriosis, cysts, fatigue, and More.

Women are fed up and desperately want a natural way to be healthy but with so much confusing and misleading information on the market, it becomes overwhelming.





Practical techniques to treat, heal, and prevent many common conditions associated with women's health. You'll be able to pull from a variety of healing modalities including supplements, herbs, lifestyle adjustments, homeopathy, holistic analysis, and more. 

Advanced Women's
Wellness Practitioner

Discounted Rate - $199

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Foundations Course.

The Advanced Women's Wellness Practitioner builds on level one to include concepts such as

  • Feminine intelligence

  • How hormones drive us sick and crazy and how to naturally balance them

  • How thoughts are embodied

  • How our beliefs are physical

  • How to listen to what the body is communicating

  • Women's sexuality and nature

  • How to respect and release emotions

  • How to find the right doctor and ask the right questions



Four Week Program

Gold Accessories
Relaxing Outdoor

Master Women's
Wellness Practitioner

Available OCTOBER 2023!

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