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Our Doctoral Program in Metaphysics offers an innovative and intensive path to achieving a PhD through a unique approach: instead of a traditional dissertation, candidates are required to write a book. This book, which can be completed in as little as three months, serves as a comprehensive demonstration of the candidate's expertise, research skills, and contributions to the field.

Doctoral Program Description:

The PhD program is designed for individuals who wish to reach the pinnacle of academic and practical achievement in the field of metaphysics. It allows students to specialize in one of the following areas: Metaphysical Science, Metaphysical Counseling, Natural Medicine, Energy Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Metaphysical Psychology, Spiritual Healing, Transpersonal Counseling, or Holistic Health. This wide range of specializations ensures that students can pursue their unique interests and career goals within the expansive domain of metaphysics.

Book Proposal Requirements:

To embark on this scholarly journey, candidates must first submit a book proposal that meets the following criteria:

  1. Title and Subtitle: A clear and concise title that reflects the book's content and specialization area, accompanied by a subtitle that further elaborates on the theme or focus of the work.

  2. Abstract: A succinct summary of the book's purpose, scope, and main arguments or themes, highlighting its significance within the chosen field of metaphysics.

  3. Table of Contents: A detailed outline of the book's structure, including chapter titles and brief descriptions of each chapter's content, demonstrating a logical progression of ideas.

  4. Introduction: An introductory section that sets the context for the book, outlines the central questions or issues to be addressed, and states the book's objectives and intended contributions to the field.

  5. Literature Review: An overview of existing literature relevant to the book's topic, identifying gaps or areas of contention that the book aims to address or contribute to.

  6. Sample Chapter: A draft of one chapter (or a substantial section of a chapter) that exemplifies the book's approach, style, and depth of analysis.

  7. Expected Outcomes: A discussion of the anticipated contributions of the book to the field of metaphysics and the culture, including theoretical advancements, practical applications, and implications for further research.

  8. Timeline: A proposed schedule for completing each section of the book, demonstrating a realistic plan for finishing the manuscript within three months.

  9. Bibliography: A preliminary list of sources that will be referenced or consulted in the writing of the book, indicating the breadth and depth of research involved.

The book proposal serves as a blueprint for the book and must be approved by the program's faculty or advisory committee before the candidate proceeds with writing. This process ensures that the book will be a significant and original contribution to the field of metaphysics, reflecting the depth of understanding and expertise expected of a doctoral candidate.


18 Monthly Payments - $200

$3,000 full price with discount

Admission Application

Apply for admission into our PhD  Metaphysical Science.

There is no application fee. Your application will be reviewed by our Admissions office. Approval generally takes 24 - 48 hours. You will be notified by email regarding your application status. Please check your promotion or spam box to make certain you don't miss our communications.

Once your application is approved, you must start within 1 month of acceptance, otherwise you must re-apply.

Once approved, you can begin classes immediately.


Your application has been submitted.

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