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Master's Programs

Program Overview:
Embark on a transformative journey with our Bachelor of Metaphysical Science program, a vibrant and spiritually enriching course designed to be completed in a brisk 6 months. This program offers an immersive exploration into the realm of metaphysics, providing students with a profound understanding of its principles and their application to our physical existence and well-being.

Program Structure and Learning Outcomes:


Our Masters of Metaphysical Science program is structured to provide a solid foundation in metaphysical principles, focusing on their relationship with the physical body and overall well-being. Key aspects of the program include:

  1. Fundamentals of Metaphysics: Dive into the core concepts of metaphysics, exploring topics such as the nature of reality, consciousness, and the power of the mind.

  2. Metaphysics and the Physical Body: Gain insights into how metaphysical principles interact with and influence our physical health and well-being. Explore the energy systems of the body, the power of intention, and the mind-body connection.

  3. Spiritual Growth and Development: Engage in practices and teachings that foster spiritual growth, self-awareness, and personal transformation.

  4. Practical Applications of Metaphysics: Learn to apply metaphysical concepts in everyday life, enhancing personal health, well-being, and spiritual understanding.

  5. Research and Exploration: Conduct research and explore various metaphysical theories and practices, developing a well-rounded understanding of the field.

Progression to Doctoral Studies

This program is not just an educational journey but also a stepping stone.  Upon completion, students will be well-prepared and eligible to advance to our PhD of Metaphysical Science program, where they can delve deeper into specialized areas of metaphysics.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates of this program will find themselves equipped with the knowledge and skills to pursue various paths in the fields of holistic health, spiritual counseling, metaphysical research, or as practitioners of alternative healing modalities.


Holistic Health, Metaphysical Psychology, Plant Medicine (herbs)

$175/month 15 months

$2300 full price with discount

Specializing in Holistic Health

The Master's of Metaphysical Science in Holistic Health is an advanced, in-depth program. This program delves deeper into the intricate connections between metaphysical principles and holistic health, offering a more sophisticated understanding and application of these concepts in the field of health and wellness.


The Master's program focuses on advanced holistic health theories, practical applications and in depth understanding of metaphysical science, particularly as they relate to holistic health and healing.

Curriculum and Learning Outcomes: Students enrolled in the Master's program can expect an enriching curriculum that includes:

  1. Advanced Metaphysical Theories: Dive deeper into complex metaphysical concepts, including advanced studies in consciousness, quantum theories in healing, and the exploration of esoteric philosophies.

  2. Clinical Applications in Holistic Health: Learn how to apply metaphysical principles in clinical settings, focusing on advanced healing techniques, holistic therapy methods, and the integration of metaphysical practices in conventional health care.

  3. Afrikan Holistic Health 2: This course teaches how to reach the peak of wellness, dis-ease remedies using herbs, vitamins, minerals, aminos, and glandulators, holistic diagnosis techniques, food as medicine, and more.

  4. Sun Healing: Learn how to harness the healing power of the sun for self healing. Learn the proper way  to sunbathe, sun gaze, how to form medicines using the sun, pain relief practices, how to activate melanin and much more.

  5. Intro to Naturopathy: Understand what naturopathy is, and how to holistically define many medical conditions and their main causes, signs and symptoms

  6. Elective: Clients can choose a certification of their choice. 

Career Advancement: This program is designed to prepare students for higher-level positions in the field of holistic health, such as lead practitioners, directors of holistic health programs, researchers, educators, or consultants in various wellness settings.

The Master's of Metaphysical Science in Holistic Health is a comprehensive program that provides advanced knowledge and skills for those seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of metaphysical science in the field of holistic health. Graduates will emerge as experts in the field, equipped with the proficiency to make significant contributions to the practice and evolution of holistic health care.

Specializing in Metaphysical Psychology

The Master's of Metaphysical Psychology program is a dynamic and innovative course of study that deeply explores the profound connection between the mind, body, and spirit from a metaphysical perspective. This program is designed for individuals seeking to understand and utilize the principles of metaphysical psychology in various therapeutic, wellness, and personal development settings.

Central to this program is the exploration of the mind-body connection, an essential aspect of metaphysical psychology. Students will delve into how mental and emotional factors directly influence physical health and well-being, and how the physical state can in turn affect mental and emotional health. This program emphasizes the integration of mind, body, and spirit as a holistic approach to understanding human behavior and facilitating healing and transformation.

Curriculum and Learning Outcomes: The curriculum for the Master's of Metaphysical Psychology is comprehensive and includes the following key components:​

  1. Advanced Metaphysical Principles: In-depth exploration of metaphysical theories, focusing on how these principles apply to psychology and human behavior.

  2. Body Alchemy Body-Centered Trauma Healing:  Dive deep into the sacred journey of Body Alchemy, where ancient wisdom meets modern science, revealing the transformative power of the body. This spiritually enriched course offers a profound exploration into understanding trauma's imprint on our physical being and the divine potential for healing and transmutation within each of us. The Body Alchemist course offers the keys to healing.

  3. Psychosomatic Medicine: Investigation into how psychological processes affect the body, exploring topics such as stress, trauma, and the psychological roots of physical illness.

  4. Energy Psychology: Understanding the role of energy systems (like chakras and meridians) in psychological well-being and exploring energy-based therapies.

  5. Transpersonal Psychology: Study of transcendental aspects of human experience, including spirituality, peak experiences, and altered states of consciousness.

  6. Elective: Clients can choose a certification of their choice.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of this program can pursue careers in various fields, including as metaphysical counselors, holistic health practitioners, wellness coaches, educators, or in roles that require a deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection in health and wellness settings.

Master of Metaphysical Science in Plant Medicine (Herbalism)

The Master of Metaphysical Science in Plant Medicine is a pioneering program designed for those who are passionate about exploring the profound relationship between plants, spirituality, and healing, particularly through the lens of ancient African traditions. This unique program combines the study of metaphysical science with an in-depth exploration of plant medicine, emphasizing the rich, historical connection between the natural world and spiritual practices.

A key focus of the program is the exploration of ancient African herbalism and its deep spiritual roots. Students will study how traditional African societies used plants not only for physical healing but also for spiritual growth, community rituals, and as a bridge to connect with ancestral wisdom. The course will delve into the sacred knowledge of plants, uncovering how ancient African healers harnessed the power of nature in harmony with metaphysical beliefs to promote holistic healing and well-being.

The curriculum is carefully designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of both metaphysical principles and the practical applications of plant medicine. The curriculum and learning outcomes are:

  1. African American Herbalism - History and Traditions of African Plant Medicine: Exploring the rich heritage of herbal healing including the spiritual symbolism and ritual use of plants.

  2. Spiritual and Energetic Properties of Plants: Understanding how different plants affect spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being, including studies on plant consciousness and vibration.

  3. Herbal Antibiotics: Herbal Antibiotics gives explanations on why certain herbs work as herbal antivirals and herbal antibiotics and how you can use them to fight infections.  Learn to pick, and prepare valuable Herbs that you can easily find growing in your area, or even in your local grocery store or health food shop with our in-depth profiles, featuring illustrations. Discover how to fight bad bacteria with herbal treatments—and how they compare to traditional treatments available from your pharmacist.

  4. Pediatric Herbalism: Utilizing herbal medicine for children can be safe with the proper dosing & good clinical judgment. This course serves as a guide to dosing herbs in children, general tips for using herbs in children, indications, and safety of key herbs studied for use in children. Dosing herbs in children is safe as long as the dose is adjusted appropriately. There are universal rules that apply when calculating herbal doses for pediatric cases. Gain an expert understanding of pediatric dosing.

  5. Herb-Drug-Vitamin Interactions: The possibility of drug interactions, direct toxicities, and contamination with active pharmaceutical agents are among the safety concerns about herbal supplements. The perception is that herbs and dietary supplements are safe, but there are interactions that may occur between prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, and even small molecules in food. Herbalism requires expert knowledge to provide safe & effective remedies. You'll become that expert.

  6. Elective: Students can choose an elective or certificationof their choice.

Career Opportunities: Graduates can pursue careers in various fields such as herbalism, holistic health consulting, ethnobotany, wellness coaching, or in educational and research institutions. They may also play crucial roles in the preservation and promotion of traditional African plant medicine knowledge.

The Master of Metaphysical Science in Plant Medicine program offers an exceptional educational experience, blending ancient African wisdom with metaphysical understanding. It is ideal for those seeking a profound connection with nature and a deep appreciation of the spiritual and healing properties of plants as viewed through the rich lens of African traditions. This program not only educates but also honors and preserves the timeless knowledge and spiritual practices associated with plant medicine.

 Master's of Metaphysical Science Tuition

6 Monthly Payments - $150 (totaling $900)

or pay the full tuition with a discount - $700

Admission Application

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