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About HPOC University

HPOC University began with a small, enthusiastic group that wanted a place for academics to meet and have conversations about holistic healing education applicable to people of color.

Karen "Raye" Scott is a tireless advocate for health equity and natural medicine as prescribed by our ancestors. Recognizing the inadequacy of information relative to people of color both inside and outside of the traditional medical field, she founded HPOC (Holistic Professionals of Color) a gathering place inclusive of all voices.

HPOC was founded for those interested in serving clients in an equitable manner. Our programs have evolved into a powerful platform that enables students to improve their own health and enhance the health and wellness of others.

Today, our forum is full of diverse topics and engaging conversations covering all aspects and levels of education. Get involved today to learn, share, connect and collaborate with our community.


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Get to Know Us

At Holistic Professionals of Color University, we sincerely believe in, what we call, God's medicine. Natural, alternative, and complementary healing has been around for thousands of years with its earliest origins being traced to Egypt. Since our development in 2016, we’ve been working closely with our valued students in order to provide them with exactly what they need to get the credentials they need. 

Whether you are new to the principles of holistic health, or a professional looking for continuing education opportunities, Holistic Professionals of Color University will provide the knowledge you seek.

We are proud to offer information to those seeking knowledge and to provide real answers on how to return to the spiritual and energetic principles of natural health.

Holistic Professionals of Color is officially recognized as a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (religious/educational/charitable/scientific).  All annual reports and other reporting forms are up-to-date and in good standing.

Because we are a private non-profit, educational, scientific, and religious-based organization, all coursework is completed by students without the necessity of being in a classroom. 

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