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Certified Spiritual Alchemist

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Unlock the secrets of spiritual transformation through the ancient Kemetic perspective of Spiritual Alchemy in this intensive 4-week certified course. Delve into the mystical world of alchemy and learn how to harness its power to free your spiritual self from the constraints of the unrefined aspects of your being and coach others how to do the same.

Throughout this transformative journey, participants will explore

  • the foundations of Spiritual Alchemy

  • explore the origins of spiritual alchemy in ancient Egypt

  • learn the seven stages of alchemy

  • learn how to identify the initial signs of these stages within yourself

  • discover the symbolism and metaphors associated with these stages

  • explore the role of personal fears and self-limiting beliefs in hindering spiritual growth

  • techniques and practices to begin the process of breaking down these barriers

  • Understand the significance of separating the impure from the pure

  • explore the alchemical union of opposites and its transformative power

  • delve into the process of fermentation as a metaphor for inner growth and change 

  • how to distill your purified self and gain clarity of purpose

  • discover the ultimate goal of coagulation: the healing of the relationship between mind and matter

  • practical exercises to integrate spiritual alchemy into your daily life

Upon successful completion of the Certified Spiritual Alchemist Course, you will receive a certificate recognizing your proficiency in the ancient Kemetic perspective of spiritual alchemy. You will have gained the knowledge and tools to identify and navigate the seven stages of alchemical transformation, ultimately leading to the healing of the mind-matter connection.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, and become a certified spiritual alchemist. 

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