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Holistic Wellness Coach

Holistic health is about caring for the whole person. Teach your clients how to heal themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's rooted in the understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health, and being.



Common health concerns and the most effective recommendations to support healing.

Practical applications of holistic diagnosis, energy work, Emotional release techniques, color therapy, sound healing, the holistic psychology of symptoms and behaviors,

how to successfully open your Holistic Healing practice


3 Week Program

Full Tuition with 20% discount: $319.20

Tuition with payment plan: $399 with four $99.00 weekly payments

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Man Doing Blood Test

Blood Sugar Health Coach

There isn't a one-size-fits-all diet for anyone or any situation. Diabetes is no different. Learn all about the truth of diabetes and how to tailor-make diets that speak specifically to the unique needs of each of your clients.

This certification gives action steps that can positively impact blood sugar levels for a lifetime.  These safe, proven and easy-to-adopt diabetes-friendly solutions teach how to choose wise food choices, herbs, spices, supplements, and more that can lead to healing diabetes. 

You will learn how to restore your blood sugar levels and manage or heal diabetes naturally, including lessons such as:

  • Foods that stabilize blood sugar levels

  • Diabetes superfoods

  • Don't eat this

  • How to make sense of the glycemic index and how to choose the best foods, to restore your blood sugars quickly

  • Supplements that can lead to reversing diabetes

  • The unique differences of people of color living with diabetes


3 Week Program

Full Tuition with discount: $241.00

Tuition with payment plan: $299 with three $99 weekly payments

Holistic Nutrition Coach

Food is medicine and should be our primary source of healthcare.

This program teaches us that poor dietary choices are a major element in the exploding issues of chronic disease.

What nutrients does the body need for healthy functioning?

What foods have these nutrients?

When shopping for these foods and preparing them, what strategies are helpful?

What is a balanced meal? 

What are the unique nutritional needs of people of color?

This course incorporates the most recent information on the healing power of foods and how they can be used to treat and even heal many common and uncommon dis-eases.

4 Week Program

Full Tuition with 20% discount: $319.20

Tuition with payment plan: $399 with four $99.00 weekly payments

Healthy Eating
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