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Sekhem Practitioner

Dive deep into the heart of ancient Egyptian energy healing with this comprehensive 4-week course on Sekhem Healing. Sekhem is the original practice that Reiki is derived from and it harnesses the profound energies and symbols of the motherland, offering a unique path to spiritual awakening and healing. Ideal for both novice and seasoned energy practitioners, this course offers an immersive foray into Sekhem, providing not just knowledge but a spiritual and transformative experience. By the end, participants will be well-equipped to harness the power of Sekhem, channeling the wisdom and energy of ancient Egypt to heal, rejuvenate, and elevate both themselves and others.

Alternative Therapy

Throughout this transformative journey, participants will:

  • Uncover the History: Explore the origins of Sekhem and its interplay with the broader tapestry of Egyptian culture and mythology.

  • Embrace the Symbols: Learn and integrate powerful ancient Egyptian and African symbols, like the Ankh, Djed, and Eye of Horus, enhancing the potency of your energy work.

  • Engage with Deities: Connect with prominent Egyptian deities such as Ra, Auset, and Tehuti, invoking their energies during healing sessions.

  • Master Techniques: From traditional hands-on healing to distant sessions, crystals, and past life regressions, immerse yourself in an array of Sekhem techniques.

  • Empower Self-Healing: Cultivate practices to nourish and sustain your own energy, ensuring you're grounded and centered.

  • Craft Sacred Spaces: Create your very own Sekhem healing space, drawing inspiration from Egyptian rituals and symbolism.

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