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Herbal Medicine

Holistic Herbalist 

Help heal others using herbal medicine. This certification can be completed in as little as 6 weeks and is perfect for anyone interested in developing their knowledge of herbal healing. You'll learn how medicinal plants work, herbal anatomy, how to make herbal preparations and safe and effective remedies for common ailments and chronic health concerns. You will come away with an index of medicinal herbs to assist you as you begin your journey as a Holistic Herbalist.



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Advanced Holistic Herbalist 

This certification is for those who have successfully completed the Holistic Herbalist Certification.  As an Advanced Holistic Herbalist, you'll learn:​ 

  • Advanced Anatomy & physiology to help better understand your client's health imbalances 

  • Key constituents, key actions, and preparations of best herbs for people of color.

  • Using herbs safely

  • Categories and benefits of herbs including nutritive herbs, liver herbs, blood sugar herbs, digestive herbs, respiratory herbs, and more.

  • Harvesting, buying, storing, and using herbs

  • DIY herbal remedies for skin and common conditions

  • Professional ethics and legal ramifications for herbalists.



Herbal Treatment
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