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**Classes duplicated in other programs will be forgiven with reduced tuition in subsequent programs**


Ph.D. cohorts start monthly

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Doctorate of Metaphysical Science
- Natural Medicine, Ph.D.

18- 20 Months

IHA 101: Holistic Anatomy & Physiology

This course teaches how to analyze anatomy & physiology from a holistic, energetic, sociological, naturopathic, and cultural perspective. A holistic approach provides a more thorough understanding of the human body.

AHH 301 and 302: African Holistic Health

This course teaches how to reach the peak of wellness, dis-ease remedies using herbs, vitamins, minerals, aminos, and glandulators, holistic diagnosis techniques, food as medicine, and more.

MBC 301: The Mind-Body Connection

Physical problems are an outward manifestation of dis-ease. The Mind-Body connection is a valuable tool for assessing the root cause of illness and how the nervous system responds to stress in a manner that creates pain, discomfort, and health ailments.

IHM 301: Herbal Medicine

This course teaches how to use herbal remedies for a wide range of everyday ailments and more serious health concerns.

SFD 301: The Real Soul Food Diet

This course teaches how to find the most potent remedies right in the refrigerator. Discover foods you can eat every day that can heal scores of common health problems and increase resistance to disease.

EOA 301: Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

This course teaches how to use essential oils in a multitude of different ways to protect against bacteria, viruses, and other microbes, support emotions, and address major health concerns.


VMM 301: Vitamins & Minerals with Ethno-Consciousness

This course teaches the action and function of Melanin within the tissues of our bodies and the true value of each major vitamin and mineral, relative to and for the health of melanin.

MPM 302: Mucus Free Disease Free

According to this theory, every disease, no matter what name it is known by medical science, is constipation. Every sick person has a mucus-clogged system derived from undigested and uneliminated food substances.

TCM 301: Traditional Chinese Medicine I 

TCM 302: Traditional Chinese Medicine II

This course teaches unique and integrative techniques born in Africa and mastered in China and teaches basic principles of physical and emotional health, preventive measures, nutrition and diet, herbal remedies, breathing exercises, and more.

EMP 302: Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic pollution disrupts the human electrical field, contributes to hormonal imbalance, enzyme secretion, and immune modulation, and can compromise kidney and liver function which results in increased levels of toxins in the body. Learn how to avoid this damage.

IIS 302: Iridology and Sclerology

Commonly referred to as God's MRI, iridology and sclerology use the eyes to determine the health of the entire body. The eyes are the only place in the body that connects to every organ, cell, and tissue in the body. Every time a physical change happens inside, it will be reflected in the eyes. This is the most powerful analysis tool holistic health practitioners have.

HDV 302: Herb, Drug, Vitamin Interactions

This course teaches the contraindications of vitamins and herbs with medications your client might be taking. Learn how to safely suggest which herbs and vitamins to use.

IHP 302: Holistic Psychology

Following the many techniques and examples presented in this course, you will prove to be more efficient in solving existential and mind-based problems, and become more skillful in the control of his/her mind.

LEC 302: Laws, Ethics, and Client Relations

This course teaches professional ethics and legal matters pertaining to alternative and natural health care practitioners.

DYD 400:  Dissertation 

Prerequisite: No previous degrees are required.

 Students should have some basic foundational understanding of holistic medicine. Having completed a certificate program or degree at HPOC is highly recommended but not necessary.

Full Tuition: $3800 or 18 monthly payments of $211.11

Full Tuition with discount: $3040

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