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​Accepting Applications for the following start dates:
September 4, September 18, October 2, 2023

The PhD in Natural Medicine program is a groundbreaking academic journey that weaves together the multifaceted domains of holistic health, alternative medicine, and contemporary research. Designed for aspiring scholars and practitioners, this program dives deep into the vast knowledge pools of herbal remedies, ancient diets, and specialized healing approaches for melanin-rich individuals. Graduates will emerge as leading voices in holistic health, equipped to shape the future natural medicine and holistic therapies.

The PhD in Natural Medicine program offers a transformative academic experience, equipping its scholars to be torchbearers in the evolving landscape of holistic health and alternative medicine. With a unique focus on melanin-rich individuals and a rich tapestry of holistic subjects, this program stands as a beacon for the future of holistic health for the BIPOC community.

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Doctorate of Metaphysical Science
- Natural Health, Ph.D.

18- 20 Months

IHA 101: Holistic Anatomy & Physiology

This course teaches how to analyze anatomy & physiology from a holistic, energetic, sociological, naturopathic, and cultural perspective. A holistic approach provides a more thorough understanding of the human body.

DAH 301 and 302: African Holistic Health

This course teaches how to reach the peak of wellness, dis-ease remedies using herbs, vitamins, minerals, aminos, and glandulators, holistic diagnosis techniques, food as medicine, and more.

DHM 301: Herbal Medicine

Dive into the verdant world of herbal medicine with this comprehensive course designed for both budding herbalists and those seeking to deepen their understanding. Rooted in millennia of traditional wisdom and updated with contemporary research, this class offers a profound exploration of the therapeutic properties of plants. Participants will discover the myriad ways herbs have been harnessed throughout history to heal, invigorate, and balance the human body and mind. Become a thought leader in creating ways to integrate herbalism in the community and ways to work collaboratively with traditional health care workers.

DSF 301: Soul Food Diet

Understanding Ancient African Philosophy and the core beliefs about health, spirituality, and dietary principles. The art of healing was recorded in Ancient Egypt leaving a guidebook for mastering alternative medicine disciplines. This course will teach how to focus on the total health of the entire person. You'll learn to have a keen understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and what it means to truly be healthy.


DDF 301: Disease Fighting Foods

Embark on a gastronomic journey into the world of disease-fighting foods with this enlightening course. Designed for health enthusiasts, culinary professionals, and anyone passionate about wellness, this class illuminates the potent properties of everyday foods that can fortify the body, enhance immunity, and counteract various ailments. By marrying scientific research with age-old wisdom, participants will uncover how nature's bounty can serve as a primary line of defense against disease.

DHI 301: Introduction to Holistic Interpretation

Learn holistic diagnosis techniques that will equip you to make unique treatment plans that specifically address your client's health issues. Everything that happens inside the body can be seen outside the body. Learn face, tongue, eye, and full body analysis.


DMM 301: Vitamins & Minerals with Ethno-Consciousness

Dive into the unique and specialized world of vitamins and minerals as they relate to the health and healing of individuals with melanin-rich skin. This comprehensive course will bridge traditional knowledge with cutting-edge research, offering insights into the specific needs and benefits these essential nutrients provide to melanin-abundant populations.

DMF 302: Mucus Free Disease Free

According to this theory, every disease, no matter what name it is known by medical science, is constipation. Every sick person has a mucus-clogged system derived from undigested and uneliminated food substances.

DAH 301: Advanced Holistic Interpretation

DCT 302: Crystal Therapy

Embark on a journey through time and energy with our specialized course on the ancient art of crystal healing. This immersive class delves deep into the mystical world of crystals, unveiling their potent powers to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Drawing upon age-old wisdom and practices, participants will discover how these vibrant stones have been used for millennia to heal, energize, and elevate.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Crystal Fundamentals: Understand the origins, types, and properties of various crystals, and how they resonate with the human energy field.

  2. Energetic Alignments: Explore the connection between specific crystals and the body's chakra system, learning how to optimize energy flow and balance.

  3. Therapeutic Applications: Discover hands-on techniques for using crystals in healing sessions, from alleviating physical pain to addressing emotional blockages.

  4. Mind & Spirit Rejuvenation: Learn methods to harness the power of crystals for meditation, spiritual growth, and mental clarity.

  5. Care & Maintenance: Grasp essential protocols for cleansing, charging, and programming crystals to maintain their vibrational potency.

Upon completion, attendees will emerge with a profound understanding of the therapeutic capabilities of crystals and the skills to integrate these ancient techniques into contemporary healing practices.

DMP 302: Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic pollution disrupts the human electrical field, contributes to hormonal imbalance, enzyme secretion, and immune modulation, and can compromise kidney and liver function which results in increased levels of toxins in the body. Learn how to avoid this damage.

DHV 302: Herb, Drug, Vitamin Interactions

This course teaches the contraindications of vitamins and herbs with medications your client might be taking. Learn how to safely suggest which herbs and vitamins to use.

DHP 302: Holistic Psychology

Following the many techniques and examples presented in this course, you will prove to be more efficient in solving existential and mind-based problems, and become more skillful in the control of his/her mind.

DHC 302: Holistic Clinical

Put your knowledge to practice by participating in clinical by examining real-life holistic health cases.

LEC 302: Laws, Ethics, and Client Relations

This course teaches professional ethics and legal matters pertaining to alternative and natural health care practitioners.

DYD 400:  Dissertation 

Degree includes Mind Body Practitioner and Advanced Herbalist Certifications.

Prerequisite: No previous degrees are required.

 Students should have some basic foundational understanding of holistic medicine. Having completed a certificate program or degree at HPOC is highly recommended but not necessary.

Full Tuition: $3800 or 18 monthly payments of $211.11

Full Tuition with discount: $3040

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