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The elite learning platform for holistic professionals of color.

In the tradition of HBCUs, we believe in creating and sustaining our own learning institutions.

We are the Holistic Professionals of Color University, offering comprehensive online educational opportunities; ranging from certificate to doctoral level holistic, natural & alternative studies while bridging the holistic education gap for people of color. 

Welcome to your school. You are joining an elite league of Holistic Professionals of Color.

Take Your Natural and Holistic​ Health Passion to The Next Level

Natural & holistic health is the practice of using natural, non-invasive techniques to promote total wellness.  There are several modalities used in natural and holistic health including nutrition, mind-body, life coaching, herbology, iridology, aromatherapy,  homeopathy, mind-body connection, supplementation, energy healing, and more.

Natural health does not seek to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, disorder, or syndrome. These actions are reserved for medical professionals. Natural health practitioners are healers treating the whole person WITHOUT the use of medicine. Natural health should only be practiced in non-emergency situations and always within its scope of practice.

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The Future of Health

We offer a wide variety of accredited programs to fit your needs.  The studies range from Certificate,  Bachelor’s,   Master’s, and Doctorate education. You should be a proud graduate of Holistic Professionals of Color University.


The HPOC Difference

The holistic health industry is growing by leaps and bounds but few emphasize the physiological and biological differences of people of color. Our programs focus on inclusive research, arts, science, and ancient practices. 

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