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Bachelors Program

Bachelor in Holistic Health Science

Accepting Applications for an April 3rd start date until March 28, 2023.

Graduates of this degree program qualify for the credential of board-certified: Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)

This degree program provides a foundation for understanding the concepts of holistic health implemented with diverse modalities including holistic self-care, aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, biofeedback, bodywork, biology, cell therapy, detoxification therapy, diet, energy medicine, environmental therapy, enzyme therapy, flower essence, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, mind-body medicine, homeopathy, neurolinguistics, nutrition, psychology, and more.

This program includes 12 classes and takes one year to complete.

Prerequisites: Minimal. Students should have some basic foundational understanding of holistic medicine. Having completed a certificate program is highly recommended but not necessary.



IAP 201:   Intro to Holistic Anatomy and Physiology           

This course teaches how to analyze anatomy & physiology from a holistic, energetic, sociological, naturopathic, and cultural perspective. A holistic approach provides a more thorough understanding of the human body.

IAM-100:   Introduction to Alternative Medicine I & IAM-102:  Alternative Medicine II

Alternative medicine is used to approach health and healing in ways that do not rely on drugs, surgery, and/or other conventional medical procedures for treating illness. This course will teach how to use over 50 alternative healing therapies. Building on the concepts taught in Alternative Medicine I, you will learn the latest research on alternative therapies and how to reverse over 200 health problems in Alternative Medicine II.

IBB-100:   The Mind-Body Connection   

Physical problems are an outward manifestation of dis-ease. The Mind-Body connection is a valuable tool for assessing the root cause of illness and how the nervous system responds to stress in a manner that creates pain, discomfort, and disease.

ITD-100:   Intro to Holistic Analysis      

This course teaches how to quickly and accurately identify the cause of illness. Learn how to interpret body signs with non-invasive techniques. You'll learn diagnosis methods derived from traditional practices and time-tested ancient traditions.                     

AHA-102:  Traditional Ancient Medicine                 

This course teaches unique and integrative techniques born in Africa and mastered in China and teaches basic principles of physical and emotional health, preventive measures, nutrition and diet, herbal remedies, breathing exercises, and more.

IVM 101:  Vitamins and Minerals And Melanin

This course teaches the true value of each major vitamin and mineral, relative to and for the health of melanated people.

INH 101:  Nutritional Healing I  &  INH 102: Nutritional Healing I I

This course teaches how to use food, vitamins, minerals, and herbs as a drug-free way to combat common and uncommon illnesses. Nutritional Healing II teaches how to achieve and maintain optimal health through careful dietary planning and nutritional supplementation.

IEH 100:  Energetic Healing     

This course teaches how to use energy-healing techniques to heal from trauma, stress, and chronic illness caused by environmental, physical, psychological, electronic, and emotional forces. 


IML 101 - Melanin Lifestyle         

This course teaches how people of color are more prone than people with less melanin to dis-eases born of bad food choices and how melanin is a blessing that can be used to achieve physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  


LEC101: - Law, Ethics, and Client Relations      

This course teaches professional ethics and legal matters pertaining to alternative and natural health care practitioners.

Because we are a non-profit, our programs extremely affordable. Total tuition is $2200.  You have the option of making $183.33 monthly payments over 12 months or paying the full tuition at a discount - $1760.

Admission Application

Please complete the form to apply for admission into our Bachelor of Holistic Health Sciences.

There is no application fee. Your application will be reviewed by our Admissions office. Approval generally takes 24 - 48 hours. You will be notified by email regarding your application status.


Thanks for submitting!

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